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Sonntag, 02. Dezember 2012

DarkRoom 80x80x160cm Bewertung: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Autor: Gast
Rezension: mimicking our kiss by kissing the air.I lagheud and wrapped my arms around his neck, Oh, shush, Gia. She smiled and began eating her breakfast again.Logan kissed me once more before smiling and walking back upstairs to take a shower. I sighed and walked into the living room. Just the ten minutes he took to take a shower felt like a lifetime. At least he\'s not at work, yet. I comforted myself. It did little considering it was Tuesday and he would be at work in half an hour. Then I\'d have to survive six hours without him. I felt the hysteria threatening to burst from it\'s protective cage inside of me. I took a deep breath through my nose and sat down to calm myself. Staring at the clock, I tapped my finger anxiously against my lap. I heard the scrape of the chair moving across the linoleum and then Gia\'s soft footsteps before Logan stopped the shower.I smiled, welcoming Gia into my arms as she climbed onto my lap. This little creature, a combination of Logan and I, was my world. If anything were to ever happen to her I wouldn\'t know how to contain myself.. I expelled the thought from my mind before I could think it. Ally? Logan called from upstairs. Immediately my heart jumped. Yes, honey? I replied as Gia nestled herself against me and stuck her thumb in her mouth. Where\'s my suit? I have a meeting at work. He stated.I heaved a sigh. I despised his occupation. He was the slave to a despicable man who wanted nothing less than perfection from him, which he could not deliver. I told him not to become a secretary, but he rejected my suggestion because the job payed well. It\'s in the dryer. I answered, hiding my frustration. Thanks! He called, running down the stairs in nothing but a towel. I watched as he jogged into the laundry room and ripped open the door of the dryer. He pulled out his suit and jogged back upstairs to put it on.I glanced at the clock once more, waiting. Within seconds he was back downstairs. I set Gia down on the floor and stood so he was able to pull me into his arms.I inhaled quietly, savoring the moment, for I knew it would not last. To my despair, he carefully let go of me and pressedhis lips to mine. I refused to release my grip around him. I wanted to stay in his arms; I wanted him to stay.. but I knew I was not allowed to have these things. Not if he were to keep his job. I could feel his reluctance as he strode out the front door, and the emptiness that submerged me watching him do so. It took all of my self control to not go running out after him. This was the reoccurring feeling that attacked me everyday at noon. When he went off to work. I took in a deep breath, forcing my lungs to contract for it felt as though there were a steal knife stabbed directly through my lungs. I wrapped my arm tenderly around the bottom of my rib cage, protecting my lungs and attempting to compress them together so they would work properly. This was the worst part about love. The absence. His absence. I groaned. Six more hours.

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