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Sonntag, 02. August 2015

Clonebox Bewertung: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Autor: Gast
Rezension: Mark Holladay Lee is a special soul out to make the world even more beatfiuul one stunning photograph at a time. My Husband and I had the pleasure of being captured in the most joyful time of our lives by Mark; at our wedding he was the fly on the wall but also very interactive in an light, airy wonderful way. he alows for a very natural procession and comfortable experience. Mark also photographed us under water at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu (a fabulous spot). safety gear was available and this was also a very unique and great experience. i thank my lucky stars that we chose Mark when i think back on all the choices i had in photographers and how im sure that none of them would have made our day as perfect. you will never go wrong with Mark and he will never go wrong with you. Mahalo

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